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Big C

           Big time cock fighting enjoys huge popularity here in the small islands of the Philippines.  While giant TV networks and big media in most large countries is responsible for sucking the life out of most people on Sundays, seeing a huge battle between a couple of monster fighting cocks brings the family together.  For a large majority of big sports enthusiasts, it is more or less a Sunday tradition to watch a big cock fight similar to a football game.  Huge numbers of people will also gamble large sums of money, betting on cocks both with legitimate odds and sucker bets.  While illegal in most large countries, here it is no small sport with giant corporations and big name businessmen having their own fighting cocks.  Most of the birds undergo massive training regimes along with drugs to make them a monster of aggression with huge strength increases before their actual battle.
This small sites goal is to be a resource for the most massive of cock fighting enthusiasts.



 Big Cocks Huge Rooster Fighting Directory

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